Richard Turner



Throughout my school and career life, I have been motivated by one thing: Passion. Whether it’s for movies or technology, my passions have always driven me to become the best in my respective field.

With a combined experience of seven years at Amazon and Apple, I learnt about the importance of building quality branded products. And after falling in love with the technology sector, I decided to take the leap and change career into software engineering. I took a three month intensive bootcamp course at General Assembly, which landed me a full stack developer role at the East London startup JDLT. I am looking to expand my knowledge and continue my journey in this expansive and exciting industry.


Full Stack Developer
June 2019 - Present

An innovative startup based in the heart of East London, JDLT prides itself on building intuitive and efficient custom software. Working in a small team of developers, everyone is expected to take responsibility for planning, building and maintaining the code base. Working with all the cutting-edge languages and frameworks (TypeScript, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, GraphQL) and deploying on AWS Lambda serverless in a microservice infrastructure means creating flexible, readable and reusable code is a breeze.

General Assembly

Web Development Immersive
Jan 2019 – May 2019

General Assembly's world-renowned Web Development Immersive course was the best kickstart to my coding career possible. Covering a vast array of cutting edge subjects and technologies (such as React, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, MongoDB etc.) was incredibly rewarding, giving me a fantastic fundamental understanding of the current programming landscape. Whilst it was extremely intense, I loved my time at GA. First and foremost, the best thing about the course were the people. Being surrounded by such talented and interesting people from different backgrounds and fields was a fantastic way to explore this new domain. I learnt so much from their different approaches to problems and teamwork. The most important thing I will take from the course is a sense of curiosity. Despite confidence in my own coding, I found great value in asking people’s opinion and reasoning behind their decisions as I feel this is truly the best way to learn.

Apple & Amazon

Video Content Curator and Strategist
Oct 2012 - Jan 2019

For the past 4 years I was the Movies and TV Editor for Apple. Before that I was the Digital Video Content Manager for Amazon's Prime Instant Video Service. Working for 2 tech giants has taught me invaluable lessons in e-commerce and the importance of brand quality. At Apple I spearheaded various campaigns, working across multiple teams such as Design, Marketing, Operations and Editorial. A lot of these campaigns required working with our external partners and using their IPs. Through teamwork and collaboration we were able to pull off mould-breaking promotions that even garnered press attention. Inspired by the company's heritage for innovation and leadership, I took it upon myself to improve a lot of the processes involved with the day-to-day running of the business, by building systems that would bring together Apple's various processes and simplify them into one cohesive platform.







AWS Services









Inspired by the amazing street art in the surrounding Shoreditch area, I built Tag, a web app for graffiti lovers, which allows users to find street art in their local area and elsewhere, plus also share their own spots. The back end was built using Python, Flask and SQL - which was a completely new language and back end process for us. I implemented various public APIs such as Mapbox and OpenCage Geocoder to make it work seamlessly with the real world. The app’s front end was designed mobile first, to ensure it was as responsive as possible.


We had just over a week to create an app that had a custom made back end by building a RESTful API and using React to render the front end. We created Munch, a social networking site for foodies, bringing together restaurant reviews and recipes all in one place. My part in the project included building the models in Node.js, building the friend request and pinned items functionality, implementing search, creating the initial seeds file and styling icons and buttons.

The Times Machine

We had to render an app that retrieves data from a public API in an interesting and engaging manner. We had just under 48 hours to achieve this goal, making it extremely time sensitive. We chose to create a web app called The Times Machine, which allows users to retrieve tech news dating back to the 1920s by using the New York Times Archive API. My contribution included formatting the results, implementing the search form and filtering of the results to display relevant content - a tough task considering the inconsistent metadata that came with the API.

Battle of the Wall

An individual project built in just over a week, which was both my first game I had built and my first project using Vanilla JavaScript, having only been studying it for two weeks. Battle of the Wall is a Game of Thrones-themed variation on the classic game Battleships, a one-player game against a computer AI which intelligently hunts down the user’s ships.



Movies: Avid film watcher with an unspeakable number of Blu-Rays and digital purchases. Marvel and Game of Thrones are my bag.

Immersive Experiences: From VR to interactive theatre, I love any experience that allows audiences to become part of the performance.

Fitness and team sports: Running, cycling and football keep me off the sofa and my mind sharp.